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4-pack Resource Set: 365 Promises 4-pack

4-pack Resource Set: 365 Promises 4-pack

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4-Pack Resource Set
Brand-new 2018 Daily Devotional:
365 Promises for a Vibrant Life 4-Pack

New for you — and to share with your friends!

You’ll grow in faith, see yourself and others the way God does, and become increasingly more aware of His presence and blessings in your life throughout 2018 as you read and meditate on each day’s devotion, featuring:

1. A beautifully encouraging Scripture verse

2. An insight-and-inspirational message from my heart to yours

3. A prayer for God to help you live in His promises

4. A brief reflection to think on throughout your day


You’ll receive a four-pack of 365 Promises for a Vibrant Life devotionals — one for you and three to share with loved ones this Christmas — with our thanks for your gift of $100 or more

Or, you can request one copy for your generous gift today.

Your generosity will share the message of God’s love and dignity with people in need. Thank you!