Be Reborn DVD

Be Reborn DVD

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Be Reborn DVD
An Easter Message for Every Day

This special DVD contains Pastor Bobby Schuller’s Easter Message. It will encourage you to live like it’s Easter, every day. You will learn that the Resurrection changed everything and how it opened up heaven to everyone then, and it continues to open up heaven to us today. And the same God who loved Jesus so powerfully that He was able to raise Him from the dead, loves us just as much. Bobby teaches that God is an advocate for our lives and He’s working for good and if we realign our minds with the promises of Easter, every day, we will conquer every challenge … every ‘death’ in our lives, just like Jesus did.

Request your copy, today, as our way of saying “thank you” for your generous ministry gift. Your contribution will help many people, just like you and your family members, discover the truth that God loves them — and that through Christ, they have dignity. Thank you for your support of Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller!