Living in the Psalms Workbook

Living in the Psalms Workbook


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For ages, people have used the Psalms for prayer, study, reflection, and devotion. We’re offering this beautiful workbook, The Prayers of Jesus: Living in the Psalms: A Workbook for Growing Closer to God Through Scripture, which is designed to complement my sermon series, Living the Psalms with Jesus. The book includes an introduction explaining why it is important to read the Bible, and how early Christian practices such as Lectio Divina help us grow closer to Jesus through prayerful reading. It has both “Background,” and “How To” sections, explaining the Psalms and the four movements of the Lectio Divina: “Read, Reflect, Respond, and Rest,” along with an example to help you get started.

Please do not miss this opportunity to enrich your prayer life or personal devotion time. For your gift of $60 or more, we will send it to you right away. You will be amazed at how your heart will be touched by these timeless words. There is both power and purpose in these pages.