Welcoming the God Who is with Us!

Welcoming the God Who is with Us!


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$40 or more – Bold Faith Devotional, $120 or more – 4 Devotionals To Share

As we wrap up this unprecedented year, we can all say with assurance that we are not the same. The difficulty we’ve endured has permeated our lives on many levels; yet within the unexpected, there has been a divine gift. The world’s prolonged winter season has forced us to slow down, change our routines, and come face-to-face with our priorities. As we’ve grappled with feelings of fear, “gone deep” with the people around us, gained a clearer view of our present circumstances, and cultivated future aspirations, God has been with us.

Through every stretch of this journey, IMMANUEL has proven faithful, and we believe that His goodness will carry us to better days ahead. In fact, because He has seen fit to use Hour of Power to accomplish His Kingdom purposes — even in the midst of a pandemic — we are building our future on His FULLNESS and welcoming our next 50 years with confidence. We hope this month’s special offers beckon you to construct your life on His promises and to invest in His work in a way that will outlive you…

December Special Offers:

For your generous donation of $40 or more, we’ll send you Pastor Bobby’s brand new devotional BOLD FAITH: Daily Reminders of the Fullness of God. This compact book features:

1. 365 daily Biblically-centered insights to strengthen your faith and encourage you to stand on the promises of God.
2. Accompanying Scripture verses to introduce and guide each day’s thought.
3. Prayers and questions for reflection to help you apply the teaching to your life.

For your generous donation of $120 or more, we’ll send you four copies of the BOLD FAITH: Daily Reminders of the Fullness of God devotional book. Keep one for yourself and give the others away as gifts to family, friends, or anyone else who needs a daily infusion of hope from the Word of God. Share and discuss it with friends or your spouse, allowing it to serve as a catalyst to deepen your relationships with the Lord and with each other.

(This devotional contains 380 pages and is a handy 5″W x 7″H size to easily carry with you.)