You Are Beloved Book & DVD

You Are Beloved Book & DVD


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Support our historic “You Are Beloved” outreach with a generous gift today. You’ll make a great impact in sharing the life-changing message of God’s love and dignity in what may be our largest outreach ever!

As you give, Pastor Bobby will thank you by sending you:

His brand-new book, You Are Beloved — Discover how building your life on what you do, what you have, or what others say about you will lead to ruin … but building your life on the character and love of God in Christ Jesus will lead to serenity — and salvation!

Or give a gift of $60 or more today, and receive with our thanks:

  1. You Are Beloved, Pastor Bobby’s brand-new, life-changing book, plus…
  2. You Are Beloved; You Are Free four-message series on DVD — Discover what it means for you to receive and walk in the truth that your identity is that of a beloved child of God!

And you’ll have the joy of knowing your generous support of Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller right now can reach many lives with the hope and love of Jesus! Thank you for your generosity.

NOTE: Due the overwhelming success of this book, we are experiencing a longer than usual delivery time.  Please allow for 6-8 weeks for delivery.  Thank you for your patience!